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Your days of compromise are over.

Plan, prepare and pave your way to success – whatever that looks like to you.

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The Membership

Create a game plan for the life of your dreams

The membership is here to banish the outdated approach of being measured by your productivity levels and start focusing on YOU.

As a member of It’s In Her Planner, your overall health and wellbeing is the top priority. You’ll learn how to implement positive habits for the good of your future. A future you can be damn proud of.

Remember: nothing changes if nothing changes. You’re doing this to make your life better. No one else’s.

Hey, Emma, I Want To…



A tell-all podcast from a recovering perfectionist who loves talking movement, money, mindset and sustainable planning.



I’ve created a helpful savings tool to help you hit your money goals sooner than you thought you could, without sacrificing fun.


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Welcome Rockstar!


The brains and powerhouse behind It’s In Her Planner.
Oh, and this is my dog, Albert

I’m a businesswoman, planning strategist and founder of It’s In Her Planner.

But I’m also a chilli marg’ enthusiast, dog-mum to the goodest of boys (Albert) and I’m forever on the hunt for South East Queensland’s best ceviche. 

I’m the former owner of Canvast, which began from my unique creation of yearly planners and trackers for women in paper form. For years I’ve helped women harness the power of planning, without hustling themselves into the ground, to successfully build out their dream life. This quickly grew into useful courses and memberships dedicated to helping women become the best version of themselves and keeping them accountable and on track.

Your dream future won’t write itself, you must pick up the pen.

The Four Key Elements I focus on

We plan with the intention to win. Not to burn ourselves out. I’ve identified four key elements that have created success in my own life and the lives of the women I’ve worked with so that you can plan with intention (and win, in your own way) too.


An understated form of therapy and an incredible way for successful planners to stay consistent and see progress long-term.

For me, moving my body is a form of medicine and has also been a driver for making me feel my best, even on my lowest days. It didn’t have to be intensive or exhaustive, I just had to move. Your movement is one of the first things I teach you to schedule into your week (and to keep that sweaty promise to yourself).

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Budgets, expenses, savings challenges, dipping our toes into shares and investing, we’re doing it all. We’re no longer nervous about talking money or investing.

A woman in charge of her money = a woman in charge of her future. Your membership will see you building creative money smarts that suit your budget, your lifestyle and your future financial goals.


You know your special spaces better than anyone. Your home and those other special spaces are an extension of you and your energy.

When your spaces feel invaded or chaotic, your life will feel chaotic. We work on reorganising, deep cleaning and decluttering your spaces so you can feel calm and more in control in the spaces around you.

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Mindset and Wellbeing

Gorgeous, fearless girls do not sweat the small stuff. Your overall (mental, physical and spiritual) health is your top priority. For mindset and wellbeing, you’ll practice gratitude, meditation and journaling.

You’ll learn to put yourself first and implement realistic strategies that help you fight off unimportant shit and things that aren’t helpful to your growth and development.

Client Success Stories

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Free Download

Savings Challenge!

Whether you want to save this year or free yourself from debt, we’ve got a savings challenge and tips to help kick your butt into gear. Simply:

Download and print the It’s In Her Planner savings challenge printable

Stick it in a place you’ll be able to see it (so you won’t forget)

Divide a realistic savings goal into smaller increments over 52 weeks and BOOM, you’re on your way to financial freedom, babe.